Project Details

Client: HubSpot

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Year Completed: 2017

Type: SEO and Organic Marketing

Adviser: Adrian Micheal

Project Details

While with HubSpot, my primary focus was on obtaining organic outreach and growth through manipulating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) outreach methods. This was through understanding the core concept of outreach, proving consumers with valuable information so that they when they think of a particular service, the first thought is of your product. Through the use of keyword focused blogging and structured social media planning, we where able to organically rank on the first page of Google.

Increased organic search results for specific services by 25%, enhanced social media engagement from 3% to 15%, combined the usage of blogs to increase social media activity along with adding supplementary videos.

HubSpot’s blog section to understand my SEO strategy: Click Here

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